"Gravity Golf" How It Works & How To Learn It
Price: $34.95
The most recent DVD series on Gravity Golf was produced and developed by David Lee, founder of the teaching system, and is done in a "laid back" documentary style. The DVD is two and one half hours in total length, and represents the "cutting edge" in golf instruction technology. The first half of the DVD, "How It Works," covers in detail the all important "counter-fall" (the mechanism that allows a player to swing with total effortlessness like Freddie Couples), and the second half, "How To Learn It," reveals a number of unique training drills, developed by David Lee, that will quickly and dramatically increase your distance, as well as your control.

A growing number of modern day tour players have developed golf swings that appear to function at an efficiency level heretofore unseen (or rarely) in the history of the game. Players like Ernie Els, Freddie Couples, Charl Schwartzel, Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuisen, Annika Sorenstam, and others, have learned (even if accidentally from copying Nicklaus and Trevino) to move the ball with their body-mass instead of with their muscle. The "Gravity" swing in its proper form takes only a fraction of the effort used by most golfers, and is extremely easy on your joints. What most people fail to realize, is that there is an exact "recipe" for how it works and how to develop it within your own body. An in depth study of this DVD will give you insight for the training of a golf swing you will use and enjoy for the rest of your life.


The Evolution and Revolution of Golf Instruction
Price: $19.95

This remarkable book covers material from twenty-five years of research and reveals the "code" on developing "physics perfect" swing and putting mechanics. When you witness a golf swing as smooth as Freddie Couples', or a putting stroke like Ben Crenshaw's, you should know that there is a recipe, or "trick," to what you are seeing. Understand the role of the "counter-fall," and you will know the secret of what makes a golf swing or putting stroke become totally effortless. It's all revealed in complete detail in "Gravity Golf®." Written in a "laid-back," anecdotal style, this information packed, common sense approach to learning golf, will change the future of your golf game. You'll read this book again and again.
"Feel the Freedom" Poster 44" x 66"
Price: $44.95

A 44" x 67" quick reference color poster that illustrates in beautiful sequence photos the "Gravity" swing in its perfect form and the nine major drills we use to develop it. The purpose of each drill is explained, as well as the key elements of the normal swing mode. Perfect for your game room, golf room, or even frame it and hang it in your living room, for this swing will never go out of style.

"Putting On The Arc"
Price: $19.95

In addition to the new video series on the swing, David Lee has produced and released a superb new video entitled "Putting on the Arc." This one hour and five minute production thoroughly explains the subtle but technically superior technique of putting on the arc like Ben Crenshaw or the great Bobby Locke, both considered by many as two of the greatest putters of all time. Not only does the DVD explain exactly how the arc putting style functions, it offers several great practice drills for incorporating the technique into your stroke. If you have suffered with the "yips," or simply want to putt to your highest capability, this is a "must see."

Arcmaster I
Price $169.95
Every golfer should pay particular attention to the design of their putter. Since most players use the putter for more than a third of their shots, it is right there in importance next to the driver. All of our putters are designed specifically to putt on the arc (better physics) instead of back and forth on the flight-line. They are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and each putter has a slight compound radius in the face of the putter, which gives more consistency to ball compression as well as a perfect end-over-end roll. The Arcmaster I is 41 inches long and is as designed to split your hands on the grip.

Arc Angel
Price $250.00
The Arc Angel is our technical gem and is designed to be used as a standard length putter, which you must specify when ordering. It also has a compound radius face as well as a hosel that is connected to the rear of the putter. The rear mount adds torsional stability to off-center hits. The Arc Angel is also a face-balanced putter, a feature that is very uncommon in putters that are normally used for a rotary-style putting stroke. There is nothing on the market that rolls the ball better than this putter. You must try it to believe it.

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